Simple Grace Photography by Danielle Pousette is a small and intimate portrait business. I spend a fair amount of time helping clients create art for their home decor or other business endeavors.
I love the look of editorial photography and classic portraiture. When I set out to learn the craft of photography, I made sure to understand how to create an image that is gorgeous without the photoshop needed. I am able to blend my approach to give clients the best of both creativity and talent.
Along the way, I have been fortunate enough to learn a trick or two from some other very accomplished photographers. To name a few: Walt Roycraft, architectural photographer, Tamara Reynolds, editorial photographer, Sarah Havard, portrait photographer, and Åsa Deleau Wiklund, wedding photographer. Each person has helped my development in some way, and I am so grateful for that.
Today, in a world where digital has changed the landscape of photography, it is so important to make meaningful images for clients. Ultimately, they should make your heart sing, and the experience fun too. We do that by talking and getting an idea of what you would love to have on your walls at home. I am approachable and caring as a person, a heart-on-the-sleeve type of gal. I really give my best to the people who choose me, and I find I have extended my circle of friends tenfold.
Sessions are booked in advance, and there is a phone consultation beforehand about location, clothing and style of images.
I offer digital and print options, along with many other beautiful products.

Our main site is located at: